Zodiac AX10

Zodiac is proud to introduce the NEW AX10 ACTIV Mechanical Suction Cleaner featuring exclusive active cyclonic scrubbing action. The active cyclonic scrubbing brushes provide the ultimate deep cleaning experience. The active scrubbing removes algae and fine particles which other suction cleaners in its class leave behind.
Designed to take on the toughest pools, the Zodiac AX10 ACTIV uses Max-Drive Navigation 360° with dual drive assembly to deliver efficient cleaning making stuck on debris a thing of the past.

Zodiac Barracuda Classic

The Zodiac Classic is Zodiacs oldest suction disc cleaner. Utilizing many years of design to end with a perfect final product, this machines robust construction delivers maximum cleaning performance with minimum fuss, leaving you more time to enjoy your pool.

Only available at B&L Pumps

Zodiac G2 Suction Cleaner

A proven pool cleaning workhorse with its robust design, the Zodiac G2 Suction Pool Cleaner is a highly efficient suction cleaner with great manoeuvrability.
Suitable for in ground and above ground pools – concrete, pebblecrete, quartzon, tile, fibreglass and vinyl surfaces.

Zoltan’s Automatic Pool Cleaner

The Zoltan Automatic pool cleaner installs in less than ten minutes without tools and runs off your existing pump filter system.
It thoroughly cleans the pool bottoms and walls.
The simple, yet effective design involves few moving parts. This means less wear and tear, and less that needs to be replaced.

Comes complete with hose and fittings.

Suction Cleaner Spare Parts

At our B&L Pumps stores, we also have a great range of Suction Cleaner spare parts, such as:-

  • Hoses
  • Skirts
  • Vacuum Plates
  • Feet
  • Speed/Flow Valves
  • and more!

Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions or queries you may have regarding pool cleaners.