Zodiac Z200 Heat Pumps

Why use a heap pump, isnt solar more efficient? 
Although a solar heater will receive all its heat energy from the sun this is only truly effective on sunny days and they may struggle to reach temperature on cloudy or unseasonably cold days. This is where a heat pump can have a real advantage as a heat pump will draw heat from the ambient temperature even in cooler weather.

Doesn't a heat pump use a lot of energy? 
absolutely not. Although a heat pump requires electricity to operate it draws over 80% of its heat energy from the air and it does this even though it may feel cool. Drawing heat from the ambient air temperature and using principles similar to a reverse cycle air conditioner, the Z200 then heats the pool water.

Easy to install 
The M3 and M4 models are plug n play and come factory fitted with a cord and plug. The M5 will require an electrician for installation

Small in size but packed with features the Z200 range of heat pumps are 'intelli-heat' ready, meaning you set the desired water temperature and it will operate at any time of the day running completely independent of the filter cycle time. They also feature simple and easy to use control interface making set up a breeze.

Key Benefits

  • Perfect to extend your swimming season a few extra months
  • Very affordable running costs (even when compared to solar)
  • Doesnt rely on the sun or position and size of collectors
  • Simple and inexpensive installation with no extensive plumbing
  • Is unaffected by wildlife and environmental damage


Zodiac ZS500 Heat Pumps

The Zodiac ZS500 breaks the mould of what the traditional pool heat pump can do. By utilising inverter technology combined with being a vertical blower unit, this pool heat pump provides you with the ultimate in optimum performance, energy savings, silence all while being able to fit onto a smaller equipment pad footprint for space savings as well.

The Zodiac ZS500 Heat Pump is one of the first pool heat pumps in the market offering you a choice of various operating modes, depending on your requirements for heat up time, energy savings and silence requirements.  Able to run in one of 3 modes, the Zodiac ZS500 provides you with the benefit of selecting one of the below modes for you:

ECO mode allows the ZS500 to operate at as little as 50% of total energy available in the system.

Smart mode operates between 50% and 100% and Boost mode allows you to run at 100% when you want to heat your pool as quickly as possible.

Available in 15kw and 20kw versions.

*Units require qualified electrician to be installed