Vortex Model SP100 Sump Pump


The Vortex impeller on the SP100 sumppump design creates a whirlpool pump action. This allows soft solids, stringy material, grey water and light sewage to be pumped.

This pump has a nylon open impeller with vortex flow action, the motor is housed in stainless steel. It is used for pumping water from cellars, septic tanks and household drainage where some solids and hair need to be pumped. The pump uses dual seals and an additional lip seal which protects the motor. The multiplication of the strong stainless steel body, and the specialised vortex impeller make the SP100 sump pump the perfect solution for emergency, dirty water drainage issues you may encounter.

The SP100 is completely submersible, and simply plugs in and goes, not being stopped by soft solids, stringy material, and light sewage.

Grinder Model SP700G – 1100 watts

Use a hardened grinder blade so that oversize rubbish in the incoming water is reduces in size and does not clog the pump – capable of pumping a difficult mix of water and stringy solids.

Dirty water, screened sewage, sullage, storm water or pumping effluent from abattiors, piggeries, etc. Can be used on applications that would clog most pumps.

Pump is designed for pumping long stringy items mixed with water and is perfect for household and commercial uses. Larger model pumps are available that are capable of doing much greater flows and handling greater solid sizes. The grinder sump pump uses a float switch meaning it will only turn on when submerged in liquid to a safe point. This ensures the longevity of the pump by preventing it from running dry.

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