JET Series household pressure pumps

The JET Series pressure pumps can suit all household needs. The JET pressure pumps are constructed to international standards, and are more than capable of supplying your needs. The JET 50, 75, and 100 models are available in 0.5, 0.75 and 1HP models. The compact design allows pumps to be placed discretely, and the ability to have a pressure control unit added is beneficial. The pressure control will allow the pump to turn on when a tap is opened, and switch off when it’s closed. The JET Series is perfect for most household uses, including taps, showers, dishwashers, garden hoses, and washing machines. The quiet running is an added bonus allowing the pump to be stored close to your home.

Multi-stage pressure pumps

For bigger and higher pressure and flow needs, we manufacture multi-stage pressure pumps. The multistage pressure pumps can be used in conjunction with a pressure control switch and a pressure boosting air tank. The more popular model of multistage pressure pumps is the B&L 3-2-1. This pump is a single-phase, 2 horsepower, 3 stage pump that exceeds pressure and flow outputs of other competitor models. The pump end of the unit is constructed out of high-tensile plastics that allow maximum pressure to be held without the risk of contamination or pollution of drinking water. All parts are fully serviceable, allowing a great lifespan to be expected from these models.

Pressure Control Units

The pressure control unit allows a pump to be switched on and off automatically at the opening and closing of a tap or operation of an appliance. Most pressure control units come with an automatic restart that allows the pump to be turned on and off many times. Also, pressure control units have in-built run-dry protection to stop your pump running dry, thus increasing the lifespan of your pump. Pressure control units are also fitted with a restart button that allows users to manually reset pumps. Indicator lights make the interface easy to understand.

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