Astral E25 Salt Chlorinator

The overall simplicity of the Astral E25 Salt Chlorinator is what makes it a winner. By reversing the polarity into the chlorine generator cell, the calcium build up can be minimised meaning less maintenance work for you.

  • Automatically disinfects and sanitises pool and spa water
  • Self cleaning and low maintenance
  • Australian made for Australian conditions
  • Affordable, robust and reliable
  • Comes complete with Chlorinator and Cell

Zodiac pH Perfect

The Zodiac pH Perfect is a fully automated water care solution designed to give your pool the perfect balance every day. Simply install the unit and the ORP sensor, attach your drum of Hydrochloric or Low-fume acid, and away you go!

  • Accurate ORP sensors provide real time feedback that ensures perfect sanitation and water balance.
  • Overfeed protection prevents excess chemicals being dosed into the water.
  • Ready made for easy assembly.

Zodiac TRi Salt Chlorinator

Zodiac’s most popular chlorine generator, the TRi is packed with features

  • Easy-to-use one-touch control unit
  • Easily upgradeable system allows flexibility in your budget
  • Reverse polarity cell prevents calcium build up, which keeps maintenance to a minimum
  • Generator cell provides optimum chlorine production for better water sanitisation

B&L Everchlor Salt Chlorinator

  • Integral pool light transformer
  • 12, 24 and 32 volt
  • ‘National Panasonic’ time clock
  • Acrylic face
  • ¼ hour segments
  • AMP meter and dimmer
  • Approved by SECWA
  • Power coated box

Perfect for pools up to 35,000L. All parts are completely repairable and replaceable, making the Everchlor a winner for over two decades.

Replacement Parts

We also carry a vast range of spare parts including chlorinator internals, and replacement salt cells of just about every brand on the market inlcuding:

  • Monarch
  • Chloromatic
  • Zodiac
  • Hurlcon/Astral
  • Aquasphere
  • Aquachlor
  • Davey

Our technicians are also capable of maintenance and repair work on every chlorinator on the market. Just bring us a sample of water, the salt cell, and the chlorinator, and we’ll diagnose the problem for you.

Feel free to contact any of our stores regarding the listed chlorinators, or regarding repairs.