LED Lights

Our LED Pool Lights are made to the highest industry standards. They are constructed using 316 marine-grade stainless steel. The lights are completely epoxy-resin filled, meaning the light will never leak.
The LED Lights are 12V and rated to over 100,000 working hours. The Lights are programmed with 16 different colour modes that will completely transform your pool. The LEDs used in our pool lights are incredibly bright and vibrant – some people have remarked that they’re almost too bright!

Available in 252 LED and 546 LED configurations depending on the size of your pool. 12 month warranty included.

Removal and Installation

Our service technicians are able to completely remove old lights and replace them in any pool. Installation is guaranteed to be neat and professional. When an old pool light is replaced with a B&L LED Pool Light, it’ll look like it was always there. Our lights can be installed using existing wiring and bracketing to ensure it looks completely standard.

Retrofitting and Repairs

We are able to retrofit our epoxy-filled LED Pool Lights to existing pool light housings for a factory finish. This means there is no need to change any existing brackets or otherwise. We are able to retrofit a broad range of pool lights ranging from Stroud to old sealed-beam Filtrite pool lights.

The retrofitted light will look completely factory, and will never suffer the same issues with leaking or overheating. If you are tired of having a pool light that is constantly leaking or rusty or that just doesn’t work at all, we are able to help.

Our LED lights are able to run off existing 12V pool light transformers using existing cabling. If you do not have a 12V pool light transformer on-site, our technicians are able to install one for you.

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