Daisy Pool Covers

Save your pool’s warmth and prevent evaporation with a daisy pool cover. A Daisy Pool Cover can save up to 10,000 litres per month. And water saving is more important than ever.

The Series 8 is the top of the range blanket, coming with an 8 year pro-rata warranty provided by Daisy. This blanket is the most popular in the range, and is expected to last 8-10 years. Available in Blue, Green, Solar Screen and Silver Backed.

Daisy pool covers use exclusive Daisy UltraDome technology completely eliminates weak points and gives you a tougher cover – top and bottom. The perfectly-formed UltraDome bubble makes Daisy a stronger pool cover that will last longer. The UltraDome fact sheet is available here.

To order a Daisy Pool cover, simply measure your pool using the guide below (just click the image), and we’ll do the rest.

We also recommend the UTC 75 Roller by Daisy.
It is ideal for medium to large pools between 4.5m wide up to 10m long. Comes with a 5 year Pro Rata Warranty. Each roller comes with a Free OverCover to protect the Daisy pool cover from UV rays. Made from Aluminium meaning it’s lightweight and rust resistant.

Economy rollers are also available. Just ask to find out.

For more details on pool covers and rollers, don’t hesitate to contact us or drop into one of our stores and chat to our friendly staff members.