B&L (3 Stage, 3 Hp, 3 Phase)


B&L 3hp 3 phase


B&L 2hp Single phase

A Range of CRI Bore Pumps

B&L 321 (3 Stage, 2Hp, 1 Single phase)

Pioneer bore pumps are a top of the range pump manufactured in Western Australia to International Quality Standards.

Pioneer bore pumps are:

  • Totally enclosed TFC vermin proof
  • Split phase and 3 phase
  • Cast iron end shield
  • Cap run motor
  • Designed specifically for corrosive water in W.A.
  • 316 stainless steel hexagon shaft with lifetime guarantee

We also carry a large range of CRI and Speroni pumps. Whether you need centrifugal or submersible, three phase or single phase, 0.37 kilowatt or 30 kilowatts.

Each shop also has the ability to repair and do maintenance on any bore pump, quickly and affordably. Our technicians are also capable of assessing pumps for insurance purposes, and filling out insurance reports. Just ask any of our friendly staff about an insurance claim.

Contact B & L Pumps if you require more information about our range of bore and irrigation pumps.