B&L Tornado ecoPump - Available in Variable Speed!



  • Super energy saving pump
  • Runs at less than 100 Watts on low speed
  • Savings of up to $400 per year on your energy bill
  • Reduction of up to 2.3 tonnes of carbon
  • Whisper quiet running on low speed
  • Easy to use, one-touch 3 speed panel
  • Now available in Variable Speed!
  • Shaft is made from 303 stainless steel
  • Better filtration from sand and cartridge filters

“You can run the energy saving tornado ecoPump for 24 hours, and consume less power than if you were to run a standard 1 horsepower pool pump for 2 hours.”





But how do they work?

The B&L Tornado ecoPump uses brushless DC permanent magnet technology to allow the revolutions per minute (RPM) to be decreased dramatically.

Moving away from traditional copper windings and armatures, there are massive gains. Instead, the permanent magnets used in conjunction with DC power technology allow greater control over the RPM, thus allowing us to slow the spinning of the pump’s rotor dramatically.

With this we get: Reduced noise, a massive reduction of power consumption (on low speed, the ecoPump runs at around 60 Watts – That’s less than most conventional household halogen globes), better filtration of fine particles, huge reductions in heat – the common enemy of pool pump internals such as bearings, seals, plastics, and limited wear on the internal rotor.

Join the future of the pool pump industry today by replacing your traditional pump with one of our energy saving models today!

If you have any questions regarding the B&L Tornado ecoPump, please contact one of our stores or drop in and say hello – Our staff are always happy to give advice and demonstrations of the application and use of our products.

Click here to download the B&L Tornado ecoPump’s manual